The print magazine Documentary has been serving the documentary community since 1989. As the Creative Director of the publication since Fall 2016, I strive to not only continue the original 2014 rebrand by Franklyn Studio, but also progress and evolve the art direction of each themed issue with fresh designs, layouts, and illustrations.



Fall 2019

Illustrations by Susan Yin

Winter 2020

Photo by Maggie Shannon

Fall 2017

Illustration by Webuyyourkids

Fall 2018

Illustration by Scrap Labs

Winter 2017

Illustration by Wayne Mills

Spring 2017

Origami by Taro's Origami Studio

Photo & design by Susan Yin

Winter 2019

Design by Susan Yin

Spring 2019

Design by Susan Yin

Spring 2018

Photo by Liaoyi Wang

Design by Susan Yin






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